November 16, 2011

{diy project} book page jars

This is an adorable DIY project that I came across while doing research for my other blog, {quirks' kisses} inspired weddings, and decided that it was one I personally wanted to do so therefore wanted to share as well.

The original inspiration for this project came from the oh-so-talented couple, Joshua and Sarah Rhodes of Arrow & Apple. I have been planning on doing a DIY decoupage lampshade using either vintage book pages, vintage sheet music, or old newspaper clippings {so many choices}. So this project would be an excellent compliment to that one.
{materials needed}
  • old bookpages, drawings, maps, wood-grain contact paper, anything paper!
  • mod-podge & a brush
  • jars (make sure you can fit a candle inside them first) or hurricane glass

{step one} Rinse out your jars and remove labels. A good way to get labels off is to first fill the jars with hot water, let them soak a few minutes, and while the hot water is in the jar, just peel the label off.

{step two} Pick out your pages and glue them with mod-podge onto the jars. You can either choose to tear large or small pieces depending on the overall effect you are looking to achieve.

{step three} Let the jars dry on wax or parchment paper for a few hours.

{step four} Do extra decorating if you like - add ribbon | twine | or string for a little more color.

{step five} Put candles in and you are finished! Now you can place them around your home or set them aside for evening entertaining or your wedding reception!
{photo credits} Photo One: Family Corner | Photos Two, Three, & Four: Arrow & Apple


  1. Very cool Annie, Nice simple project with awesome results you can personalize to suit any decor. Love 'em

  2. Fab tutorial even for the craft-challenged! Great post!