July 17, 2011

CUSTOM MADE Authentic Antique & Vintage Windows

CUSTOM MADE Authentic Antique & Vintage Windows by Quirks By Annie

Quirks By Annie has launched into yet another new endeavor! Perhaps, you read my post about Antique Restoration and Contemporary Antiques. So you've already seen that we are expanding from the normal hunt + acquire = sell, aspect of Antique & Vintage Collectibles, but have found another outlet for some really great pieces ♥ antique and vintage window frames. We have come across these windows ever since we moved to North Carolina in 2006. (I'll save that story for another post.) Since discovering these awesome artifacts of the past my husband has created a few different pieces for my/our personal use. He had made a Mirror, a Matted Photo Frame, and a Menu/To-Do List Board. They are all wonderful, and well used!!!

It wasn't until we realized how many of these windows were out there; just sitting, waiting for a new purpose in life, that the bells and whistles started going off...HEY I CAN DO THAT AND SELL THEM, even take custom orders!!! So, here I am, with windows galore and anxious to make you that perfect piece. All you have to do is click this link: CUSTOM MADE Authentic Antique & Vintage Windows, and you will be taken to the listing in my Etsy Shop, where you can see what is available and order the PERFECT PIECE FOR YOU!!!

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