July 2, 2011

The Interview Series: Getting To Know Chef Mum aka Sami Brown (Part 2)

Judging by the numbers, you all really enjoyed meeting and reading about my first muse, Sami Brown aka Chef Mum. So without further ado, Part 2...
Sami ~ Chef Mum

Annie Lema: Is Gavin a picky eater? And if he is, what is the easiest way you have found to combat that issue?

Sami BrownI don’t think that I would classify Gavin as a picky eater. He will try just about anything at least once. If he isn't interested it will come out faster than it went in. We try not to cater to him too much. I mean after all, we aren't a royal family…per se. If he gets hungry enough he will eat just about anything.

Annie: What is your fave drink to have while cooking? Or does it depend on the meal?

SamiMy fave drink to have while cooking is probably a nice BIG glass of red wine. Ever since I took a 6-month wine tasting course in college I have been a big fan of wine. The best money my parents ever spent and possibly the only class I received an A+++ in. What can I say? I was willing to do extra credit.

Annie: When you aren't blogging, cooking, mothering, babying (the hubby), what do you prefer to do for social entertainment? (Notice I didn't leave out drinking.)

SamiI love this question because I am always mothering, cooking, babying (the hubby), blogging or facebook-ing. When I am not doing those things, I am the housekeeper, the personal assistant, errand-girl and the accountant. That’s why I like the term “Super Mom”, not because I manage to do any of these things “super” but because as a mom you have to multi-task. God forbid my husband was to ask what I did all day (which he would never ask unless he had a death wish).

Annie: You live in Oregon now, have you always lived there and if not, where do you hail from?

SamiI was born in Boca Raton, Florida and moved to Parker, Colorado in middle school. I returned to Boca for college at FAU but after enjoying the freedom I returned (parents dragged me kicking and screaming) back to Denver where I finished college with a degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology. Currently, my husband, son and I live in Sherwood, Oregon which in my opinion is the VERY best place we could have ever landed.

Annie: Do you love to entertain? When you entertain are you the kind of person who loves 'the more the merrier' or do you try to keep it on a quainter scale?

SamiI love to entertain but I enjoy a smaller more intimate gathering so I can spend time with my guests. My favorite thing to do is to invite a few friends over to enjoy some good food and drink and share in some laughs. I am the first person to poke fun at myself and have been known to put on quite an act after a few too many spirits!

Annie: What is the best part for your about blogging and being active on facebook?

SamiThe absolute BEST thing about blogging and being active on facebook is connecting with other moms. I write 4th Trimester Cooking (and ramblings of a super mom) just for fun. In fact, I try to remind myself of that right before hitting “publish” on a post. I am very candid about myself in my blog and I enjoy making others laugh even if it means that I am the butt of my own joke. Besides, I figure if I admit to my neuroses then it’ll be so cleansing that I won’t ever need actual therapy.. Being a mother is one of the most incredible experiences and I am so honored to be Gavin’s mum.

Now you can see why I enjoyed conducting this interview. Sami has quickly become a good friend on top of being so refreshing and inspirational. Please take the time to get to know Sami on your own terms, by visiting and following her blog, 4th Trimester Cooking or give her facebook a 'LIKE'.
And don't forget the fact that there are some super yummy recipes on there (I personally LOVE her Crock-Pot Chicken Creole) along with lots of side-splitting Ramblings of a Super Mom!!!

Thank You, Sami xoxo

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