July 1, 2011

The Interview Series: WHY?

In a few minutes I will be kicking off a new series on Fab Quirks By Annie, and before pushing it in your face I thought I would explain WHY...
This series is a major deviation from my original Master Plan, but then again, pretty much everything has been since I initiated my Blogger account. I am not a writer, I had never blogged before, I hadn't really even read very many blogs prior to launching my own. I started Fab Quirks By Annie as a forum to share the knowledge I was acquiring while trying to learn the ropes of the Antiques & Vintage Collectibles business. Ultimately (or hopefully) driving traffic to my shop and boosting sales. Pretty Basic. But the blog has taken a few different twists and turns along the way, I guess primarily due to the fact that once you are 'in' the moment, posting away, you see your reasons and your info from a different perspective. Also, I have read many, many, many blogs since starting mine and have begun to understand what fuels a 'good read'. I'm not quite there yet, but I can feel that it isn't that far behind me now (geez I hope)!

So, the Interview Series is my tribute to those blogs that I have read and the bloggers I have gotten to know. They are a serious driving force, flooding me with ideas and inspiration to get in here and really give the audience something interesting to read. My main focus still remains on the informational aspect of it all, sharing what I'm learning, but along the way it doesn't hurt to stop and acknowledge other aspects of my world. It's all fun. Hope you enjoy meeting my muses.

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