July 5, 2011

Who Loves Ya ♥ Giveaway

Giveaway Host: Quirks By Annie

A Beachside Dream
Beach in a Bottle
What you can win: 

A Beachside Dream has donated 'Beach in a Bottle', including Free Shipping within the United States. Barbara resides in Honolulu, Hawaii and everything is 'MADE WITH ALOHA!!!" All the shells and glass are from her adventures on the Island of Oahu.

Handmade Beary Tear Bear Citters
Pansie Pig Magnet
Handmade Beary Tear Bear Critters has donated a 'Pansie Pig Magnet'. She makes custom Tear Bear Critters for all scrapbooking needs. All items are 100% customizable and handmade by Susanne. Free shipping on this item within the US and Canada. In the event the winner is outside of these areas, Susanne will need to quote shipping costs.

Photo shown is a representation of Jana's work,
not the actual prize.
Jana Carter Photography is donating one of her 8" x 10" original pieces of work. Photography on the go is her specialty. She loves finding the beauty in the  uncommon. Her photos record the emotions of the moment. She loves telling your story one picture at a time. She is located in Bullhead City, Arizona and is a photographer for hire, so if you are in her neck of the woods, please contact her (information is on her facebook page) to schedule a shoot.

Tiffany's Loving Candles has donated 8 Oz. Soy Candle - Lavender Vanilla, winner pays $4.00 Shipping via PayPal, within the United States only.

Soy Wax benefits: Burns cooler than paraffin wax; 100% biodegradable vegetable based; Soy Wax is a naturally grown product; No breathing problems for Asthmatics & Allergy sufferers, unlike paraffin based products; Sets solid after use - no more messy spills. HIGHLY FRAGRANT! This single wick scented candle will burn for approximately 60 hours of solid warming! These candles are handmade and come in many different sizes, colors and fragrances! Candles are handmade and hand poured at the time you order to ensure freshness.

Quirks By Annie
Vintage Oil Lamp
Quirks By Annie is donating a Vintage Oil Lamp with Clear Glass Chimney and Eagle Burner. The base features a smooth font and ribbed foot giving this lamp a beautiful look when filled with the red of the oil. The Eagle thumb wheel turns freely and there are no chips, cracks or breaks in the lamp or chimney. The lamp stands approximately 20" in height (from base to chimney), the base measures approximately 9" in height and 6" in diameter, and the font measures approximately 6" in diameter.

Entry Method (mandatory): Step 1 - Follow my this Blog, if you haven't already. Step 2 - Leave a comment under this blog post with your email address, which is needed to enter you into RANDOM.ORG's program. Your email address will not be used to send you messages by Quirks By Annie, Random.org, or any of the other sponsors in connection with this Giveway. Step 3 - Login to facebook, under your personal profile, and 'LIKE' each of the sponsors's pages. If you 'LIKE' with a business page it will not register.

Additional Entry Methods (elective): You have the opportunity to enter up to 3 times. Your 1st entry is via the mandatory method above. The 2nd mode of entry is via Tweeting the link to this blog giveaway post, and be sure to include @QuirksByAnnie, so that I can tally that entry. The 3rd method of entry would be to post the link to this blog giveaway on your facebook page. Again, please be sure to tag Quirks By Annie in the post so that I can add that entry as well. If there is any part of these instructions or methods that are unclear, or you are unsure how to complete one of the steps, please feel free to contact me via email and I will be happy to assist you.

Who Can Enter: U.S. Residents, Ages 18 and over. Canadian and other International residents 18 and older may also enter, however, there may be additional shipping charges and some of the vendors do not ship internationally. Please be sure to ask, prior to entering, if you are eligible based on your location, and what the shipping cost on an item would be. Each vendor is independently owned and operated, therefore we do not all of the same shipping policies.

Giveaway Ends: My 'Fab Quirks By Annie' blog reaches 100 followers.

Method of Selecting Winners: I will use RANDOM.ORG in order to select the winners, using their 'Third-Party Draw Service'. If you click on their link it explains how this process works. You will be officially entered on random.org via your email address and once the drawing is complete there will be a record created that you will be able to log into via your email to verify that you were entered and to see if you won.

Winners will be announced within 24 hours of the end of the Giveaway, via a post on this blog, facebook, Twitter, and email. The winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize, if they do not, a new winner will be chosen and announced.

You must follow all of the entry instructions in order to qualify. In the event you are selected as a winner via RANDOM.ORG, but I am unable to confirm with the sponsors that you have 'LIKED' each one of their facebook pages, you will be disqualified and a new winner will be chosen in your place. So, please take the time to read the "how to's" above so that you don't miss out on some fabulous giveaways.

PLEASE BE SURE TO SHOW SOME LOVE TO ALL OF THE GENEROUS SPONSORS. Each one of them have a link above that you can click on to connect with them. Not only visit and like their facebook pages, but see if they Tweet, Blog, have a personal Website, etc. These vendors were chosen because they are absolutely FABULOUS, good-hearted people. Plus networking is good for the soul. ;) xoxo


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